Temporary Marking Spray

Our temporary spray paints are the ideal products for security signalling. They are handy for marking out sports (particularly races and hikes) and other events (car boot sales, markets, shows and leisure events). Landscape gardeners and construction workers can also use them.

The marking durations of these paints range from 5 days to 8 weeks depending on the surface, the conditions of application and UV exposure.

Our aerosols are fitted with a robust patented SOPPEC TP safety cap the colour of the paint. This cap guarantees you will get no drips or spray mists for clean results and optimal security.

SOPPEC’s temporary spray paints dry quickly and adhere on all types of surface (gravel, wood, bitumen, concrete, grass, mineral, sand, soil) and can easily be eliminated by mechanical action.
These paints are highly fluorescent and visible from afar. They are available in a wide range of colours. The TEMPO TP is available in brown, blue, green, yellow, orange, cherry and white.

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SOPPEC spray paints are reserved for professional use

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