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Non Woven Geotextiles

We produce non woven geotextiles from polypropylene for different applications and to different specifications, depending on the country where they are getting used.

Non Woven Geotextiles are used in civil engineering projects or drainage applications, for airport and road construction and to control erosion. They consist of tightly woven threads, are extremely durable and able to withstand a lot of strain and pressure. The material is usually placed at the tension surface to strengthen the soil which in turn increases the longevity of roads for example. The material is permeable and lets water and air pass through, but stops mud or soil from seeping through and prevents weed growth.


Colour:- White
Certifications:- EN ISO 10319, 12956
Material:- Non Polypropylene
Weight:- 100gsm

Woven/Non Woven – the difference?

Construction trade Rolls

Product Code: 002-002

Sizes Avalible:

4.5m x 100m rolls White ( EN ISO 10319, 12956 ) 100gsm non woven

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