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Yuzet jute hessian bags are breathable and ideal for packing root vegetables. Commonly known as the humble “potato Sack “ but with hundreds of other yses.

Yuzet Natural Hessian Composting Leaf Sacks
Sizes Avalible:

51cm x 79cm

Durable and biodegradable, this jute hessian sack can be used many times and then buried in your garden, where it will biodegrade away

Yuzet Natural Hessian Potato Sacks
Sizes Avalible:

60cm x 110cm

Yuzet jute hessian bags are produced to be breathable and as such are ideal for packing root vegetables( like potatoes, turnips & carrots ) This hessian sack is size 51x79cm and is typically used as a potato sack to hold 25kg of potatoes.

Yuzet General Purpose Refuse Sacks
Sizes Avalible:

Boxes of 200 Black Bin Bags for Domestic use

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