Forestry / Timber Marking Spray

SOPPEC forestry paints are a benchmark in the wood sector.

Listening to the needs of foresters helps us develop products that meet the exact requirements of various application domains such as forest marking, rough lumber marking and finished good marking.

Our products also cater to the needs of gardeners and landscapers.

You will find short-term and medium-term paints, ideal when marking for felling, thinning, boundaries of temporary stands, log inventories, or to mark products for sawing.

We also produce wood spray paints that last up to 4 years for marking plot boundaries, designating future trees, marking out hiking trails, etc.

Our range offers a large choice in terms of covering and visibility, with both fluorescent and non-fluorescent wood spray paints. We also bring you water-based forestry paints that respect human and animal life and the environment.

Our forestry paints are available in red, blue, green, yellow, orange, chamois, cherry, grey, black, white and brown.

Have a look at SOPPEC forest markers’ supplements and accessories for enhanced efficiency and ease of use. We also provide fluorescent and non-fluorescent lumber crayons.
Our wood spray paints are for professional use only.

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