Spunbond Non-Woven Weed Control Fabric

Our Spunbond Non-Woven Weed Control Fabric is a lightweight, porous material that is also known as ‘Mulch Mat’. Water and nutrients pass easily through the fabric but weeds cannot penetrate it. Spunbond Fabric has to be covered with a mulch, gravel or stones and should not be exposed to direct sunlight to stop the material from disintegrating.

Our spunbond weed control fabric is very easy to use; simply spread the fabric over the area you want to cover, secure it with pegs and cover it with a mulch or stones. The membrane stops any light getting through so nothing can grow underneath. It’s not necessary to remove weeds or use chemicals to get rid of vegetation, though we recommend strimming down vegetation to ground level and removing any sharp stalks that could damage the fabric.

We produce Non-Woven Weed Control Fabric on an industrial scale and each year more than 200 containers leave our production facilities to destinations all over the world. Our membranes are available in DIY stores and online and come in various different sizes, but we are happy to produce custom sizes upon request as well.

What is Spunbond Weed Control Fabric?

Yuzet ® non woven weed control fabric is primarily known as Mulch Mat . Similar names such as weed fabric or landscape fabric are also popular consumer words for the product. It is a spun bonded non woven lightweight weed fabric, porous construction and used to help suppress weeds in garden applications by blocking out harmful UV light from the sun..

Once laid and fixed ( we recommend yuzet® fixing pegs ) it will stop weeds penetrating from underneath but must always be covered with gravel, bark or a mulch.The fabric allows water and nutrients to pass through the soil and the earth underneath which encourages a healthy growing soil. The product works due to it’s ability to block out harmful UV rays from natural daylight, without which weeds cannot grow.

Applications for Yuzet® Non Woven Spunbond Weed Control Fabric

As with most yuzet (use-it ) products there are numerous applications however listed below are the most common ones

  • Nursery Polytunnels
  • Greenhouses
  • Soft fruit areas
  • Various garden applications.
  • Prevents expensive garden aggregates from being absorbed into sub soil

UV stabilisers added / long effective life, Line markings to improve planting straightness and pot display. Folded rolls ( ie we can fold rolls from 4m down to 2m if required in roll form )

Woven ground Cover covered in chippings by Yuzet®.

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Ground Cover being pegged down in preperation for installation by Yuzet®.
Ground Cover being rolled out in preperation for installation by Yuzet®.


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