Grass Re-inforcement Mesh Stop pedestrian and vehicular erosion of grass areas.

Yuzet® grass reinforcementt mesh helps protect grass surfaces from light traffic and pedestrians. Usually used for car parking and access routes for events it’s an ideal product to use if you wish to prevent sinking, rutting or general grass destruction.

Yuzet® Re-inforcement meshes are 100% re-cycled High Density Polyethylene. The polymer grid construction can permanently re-inforce grassy areas stopping any build up of mud which can be particularly hazardous to pedestrian or car wheels.

Where is Grass Re-inforcement Mesh Used?

Its used at outdoor events and is ideal for light vehicles and pedestrian traffic on grassed areas.

Widely used on golf course buggy tracks and community wheelchair access.

The product is an ideal alternative to paved areas where natural conditions are required

What happens once laid?

Over time the mesh becomes hidden by the grass frowing through the mesh making it pleasing on the eye by reverting the surface back to a natural grass state.

Uses include golf courses, pathways, garden parking, temporary events.

  • Prevents dogs from digging
  • Used as a rabbit deterrent
  • Ideal for pathways
  • Re-inforces embankments
  • Anti golf ball plugging


The weight of the mesh is with the mesh dimensions being 25mm x 25mm
450grammes per square meter
Mesh Dimensions
25mm x 25mm

Where to buy

Consumers can purchase our products from our partner site below. Wholesale and bulk orders must come through Yuzet by giving us a call or using the form at the bottom of this page.


Weed Fabric Direct

A Blue tarpaulin being used to protect and cover wood by Yuzet®.

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A technical drawing of construction of a tarpaulin.
Two boys using a camouflage tarpaulin as a play shelter by Yuzet®.

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