Garden Accessories

We own a wide range of plastic mouldings which can be used to produce a variety of accessories for the gardening trade. In the UK we produce primarily small accessories made from rubber, for example ties or planting labels. We produce in packs of 1000 for our wholesale clients, but we also offer smaller retail packs for hobby gardeners or for sale in gardening stores.

We are a specialist in the production of custom accessories and we offer a high-quality, all-round service from moulding and tooling design, material selection, prototyping to production of the final product. If you require products, shapes or colours not listed on this page, please contact us and a member of our experienced team will be happy to help.

Please find below a selection of our most popular garden accessories.

Cane Caps
Used on the ends of bamboo canes to prevent injuries to eyes and hands during weeding or bending in foliage.
Plant Rings
Used to support plant stems and flowers as they are growing.
Used to securely anchor garden fabrics, such as weed membranes or fleece, to the ground.
Tree Ties
Black rubber ties with moulded grooves to prevent damage to tree barks. The ties act as a spacer cushion between the support and the tree.
Adjustable Tree Ties
Ties that can be adjusted to accommodate plant development and growth. UV stabilised to guarantee a long product lifespan.
Shrub Ties
Lightweight and very strong ties to secure climbers, small trees and shrubs.

Where to buy

Consumers can purchase our products from our partner site below. Wholesale and bulk orders must come through Yuzet by giving us a call or using the form at the bottom of this page.


Weed Fabric Direct

A Blue tarpaulin being used to protect and cover wood by Yuzet®.

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