Foil Insulation

Yuzet® foil is one of the UK’s bestselling insulation foils. It can be used for many different insulation purposes and it is easy and quick to use and install.

We offer two kinds of insulation foil: Radiator Foil and Triplex Laminate with a layer of bubble foil.

Our radiator foil consists of one layer of aluminium and one layer of foam. It gets installed on the wall behind a radiator and helps to reflect heat back into the room. The use of foil behind radiators (especially on external walls) helps conserve valuable energy and reduces heating costs significantly and for the long term.

Our triplex laminate consists of a centre layer of bubble foil that has been lined with aluminium foil on both sides. It can be used to insulate roofs, walls, dry linings, greenhouses, garage doors or flooring. The individual layers preserve warmth in winter and reflect it in the warmer summer months, thus ensuring that room temperature remains constant year-round. The R-value of our triplex laminate is 0.88m2K/W.

U and R Values

Thermal performance of Yuzet® Insulation Foil is excellent and in line with all conventional norms for insulating material.

The R-value measures a material’s resistance to conductive heat flow, i.e. how quickly heat will pass through it. The higher the R-value, the higher the thermal resistance, which means that the insulation properties are better.

The U-value is the most accurate way of measuring a material’s insulation ability, as it considers not only thermal resistance but also other factors contributing to heat loss such as differences in external and internal temperature, etc. As a general rule it can be said that the lower the U-value, the better the insulation properties.

Where to buy

Consumers can purchase our products from our partner site below. Wholesale and bulk orders must come through Yuzet by giving us a call or using the form at the bottom of this page.


Weed Fabric Direct

A close up of insulation foil by Yuzet®.

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Insulation foil being unrolled by Yuzet®.
Foil insulation being installed behind a readiator


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