Products Lots of products for Gardeners and tradesmen

Tarpaulins Lightweight to Heavy Duty

Yuzet® Tarpaulins are sold all over the world in various widths, weights and colours. Each region is very different and we can accommodate most enquiries quickly and efficiently.

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A green tarpaulin covering a skip by Yuzet.

Scaffold or Debris Netting Keeping everyone safe from falling objects

Yuzet® Debris netting is a fine mesh vertical net construction used widely around the world to prevent objects falling from scaffolding towers and harming passers by below. In some European states Scaffold Netting is a legal requirement.

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Red Scaffold Netting surrounding building by Yuzet.

Insulation Foil Keeping the temperature just right

Yuzet® The unique foil layers don’t simply retain heat but during warm summer months reflect heat to help maintain a consistet temperature.

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Foil insulation Close up by Yuzet.

Geotextiles Allow water, stop anything else

Yuzet® produce Geotextiles to many different types of specification. Primarily woven geotextiles, although the exact specification varies from country to country.

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Woven geotextiles being installed by Yuzet.

Woven Ground Cover Weed Control Fabric Keeping weeds at bay from your landscape

Yuzet® Woven Ground cover is produced on an industrial scale using both circular and sulzer weaving looms. Each year in excess of 200 containers leaves our production facility to our partners round the world.

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Woven ground Cover Weed Control Fabric laid on grass by Yuzet.

Grass Re-inforcement Mesh Stop pedestrian and vehicular erosion of grass areas

Its used at outdoor events and is ideal for light vehicles and pedestrian traffic on grassed areas.

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Grass re-inforcement Mesh close up.

Garden Netting Pest control netting for everything in the Garden.

Yuzet® have been producing and distributing various types of horticultural netting for many years.

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Garden netting close up.

Garden Accessories Lots of products for gardeners

Yuzet® owns a wide range of plastic mouldings which in turn produce various accessories widely used in the gardening industry. We’ve been manufacturing a wide range of products in the UK primarily aimed at small gardening accessories.

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Yuzet Cane toppers by Yuzet.

Tapes Sticky solutions to problems

Yuzet® our product range of tapes is extensive with many applications.

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Yuzet Cane toppers by Yuzet.

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